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Yet another lovely reader photo of Issue 21, this time by Emily Fordham. #ohcomely

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Issue 21 is arriving on doorsteps this week - have you got yours? 

We love this photo that Leanne of took over breakfast. #ohcomely

Summer Adventures

Photo by Anna Hollow. For more, see:


Issue 21 is out now! 

Cover photo by Beinta á Torkilsheyggi
Verity Cumming hand-painted the backdrop


A postcard I sent to Oh Comely for their postcard comp.

Out of office. #caveawayuk2014 @neonstash #acmgram @heimplanet

Today’s curious location with @joshshinner

Today’s curious location with @joshshinner

Organic artificial sunshine.

Today @lizseabrook played with multiple exposure Polaroids for us.

The extremely lovely - if somewhat windswept! - Hannah Murray. Stay tuned for her fashion feature in issue 22.

We have had so many beautiful postcards sent to the @workshop_london. Send us more!

Evening petal.